Wednesday, July 28, 2010

7/28/2010: Ravenrook

Graywing suffers from terrible dreams. They had throw themselves on the ground and slept fitfully through the night with the red moon above. He dreams of death – death in the hands of a pinkish lizard the size of an elephant, devouring him bite by bite as he shed feathers and shrieked.

He snapped out of it and fell into a dreamless but fitful sleep. When they wake in the morning, they are heavy and drowsy, not healing at all. Mist wraps the mountain the forest around them and they hear the crows and wings in the air around them. Twinkie goes out to gather herbs and finds Krixil. She takes him back to the camp and introduces him to the group. Josie vouches for him. Greywing sees the krixil is half in the spirit plane and half in reality. Otherwise he looks like little more than a wizened goblin with an odd energy.

[[GM Note: Krixil is from a previous game set, just like Sultrani. He participated in a prophecy, that he helped come true. He helped Cerrunuous cheat Death out of his soul, coming back into the world. Krixil had been invested with a bit of godhead and still retains some minute amounts at this point.]]

Krixil feels annoyed by the mist so he reels it in. Twinkie makes some food. The ravens gather and eat some of her food.

Krixil speaks to the ravens for some time but finds nothing out about Malus or the shrine above. Greywing finds Humr, a crow guardian spirit, and they join into one. Humr speaks of Malus, how he had been set free by him for some reason he knows not why. He chooses Graywing to join with as he must be joined to a material being or he fades.

Krixil speaks to the mountain the mountain refuses to talk to him because he is too young. This makes him laugh and meditate on the matter. After some time, the decided to just walk it. On the way up the path they come across a water basin at the foot of the well traveled path up the mountain. They leave an offering, which is snatched up by the ravens.

They run into the Lychian, which creates a powerful environmental effect, a sense of dread, heavy oppression, and chill. Its danger is not in its effect but the things it attracts. Its so powerful that only Sultrani and Graywing can make it in.

They find a deep pit at the center and corrupted ravens feasting on bones. Malus had died and the spirits of the ravens corrupted. Only Waychesk was uncorrupted and he too joins with his brother in Graywing.

The ascend, bearing the bones of Malus. On the mountain top, the fires are burning among the temple. Its barren and cold, even though fires burn everywhere. Within is a Silitik, another spirit, this one a negative fiery one that drains life through its fires. The altar has been shattered. They confront the Silitik, and the crow spirits come out of Graywing. As they battle, crow spirits gather and mass, until they fall upon the spirit like a wave, extinguishing its fire.

Afterward, the find that no fire will start on the mountain and will not for one hundred years. Kain, thinking he would loot found nothing. They clean the temple and put it back in order. The advent of Triagularus instills fear but Graywing assures them the demesne of the temple would be strong enough to keep them safe.