Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7/14/2010: In the world of gold

After transitioning into the world of gold the players wake up in a deep forest, one with tall trees thick with foliage and colorful flowers.

Graywing flies up through the trees while the rest take a look around the immediate area. He sees a carpet of imperial purple butterflies that rest on the tops of the trees like a gleaming carpet. He watched for a while then notices a winged serpent preying on them. Since its nearly five time his size, it sucks up the butterflies in masses. He drops down below.

The rest had discovered a road in ill repair. Serviceable but heavily overgrown. They follow it for a time until they hear movement in the trees. Something was coming, something of good size but strange sound, more akin to rolling stones. They fan out and wait, taking concealment.

What comes from the trees is a mass of water, rolling and frothing, taking on humanoid shape and limbs as it rolled into area. It seemed aggressive, sending water tentacles unerringly to their hiding positions. Feeling threatened, the player attacked. Fire, blade, and Fist made short work of it, its seemingly watery shape turning out to be gelatinous and solid enough to damage. When hammered on enough, it pops, akin to the bubble, sending water and spray flying everywhere. Out of its core comes three spears that fly out at 90-degree angles. It misses the rest, stabbing into trees.

Puzzled, they investigate the remains, or, at least what they can. The spears are serviceable but nothing special. Everyone falls into disagreement about why or how got here. They are trying to figure out why they are in this strange world instead of in a mine like they thought. They figure out that it may have meant in the mind not “mine”.

The Amazon had taken hurt and Sultrani tried out her medical skin. Unused to healing any but herself, she fared poorly (fumbled; can't use it for a week). They move away from the site and set up a campfire and huddle next to it. Sultrani fumbles (again) her self control and pees herself in the process of trying to “marshal” her senses.

After a time and some rest they hear a squeaky cart sound (wheel) on the small road that meanders through the forest. Graywing takes flight and goes and investigate. He sees an old man pushing a rickety cart full of junk along the road. They decide to head towards the squeaky wheel.

The next bit is long mess of interaction as they all banter and talk back and forth. The old man is feisty, cantankerous and rude, something that doesn't endear him to the rest. The old man doesn't tell them anything, alluding to the idea that he too was pulled into the world and did not dwell here.

Unsure of his intentions, they choose to have him come along in order to keep an eye on him instead of leaving him at their back. They travel for a time and are accosted by a fiery being, like the watery one. It was less humanoid and more avian, though it dies like the water one. At its death – three spears. A single fiery feather follows the hawkman but he avoids it and it falls to the ground and dies out.

Party tries to identify what the spears are, from what culture. They have no idea.

The old man, unhappy with things, decides to mess with the group. He has keen higher senses, and uses them to pick up a movement in the mental construct of the world and pushes. The world speeds up, zipping from night to day, noontime, in a heartbeat. Everyone mini-freaks out.

The shadow of a great raven passes over and Graywing feels better (he follows Skirin). He puts away his flute and flies after it. He fails to catch up to it. Perched on a tree limb, he uses his questing sight to find the way. He gets the vision of of rock, bursting out of the ground, pointing towards the distant mountain.

Sultrani, thinking back to the song they sung back in the mountains, ponders on the last song, and remembers it “felt” like a cool breeze flowing through the trees.

Clouds stir and move, coming together, time speeds up (old man again) and storms around them, forming into a windy being that dies like the others.

Old man pushes again when he feels the mind construct moving. The rest feel the world teeter with them, and then they move, a million miles an hour along the road, to the edge of the mountain.

Graywing, Sultrani, the Amazon projectile vomit in the tilting world. Graywing gets a vision of a tree with rotting roots, about to fall.

They run, drawn toward the mountain in some way. They bust into a clearing with three ogrish beings, stabbing spears in the roots. Graywing sweeps up Sulrani and drops her over one of them. She drops on it, invoking her inner power, killing it with a single shot (critical hit), splatting it and sending a shock wave 50 ft around. Graywing swooped again and drops her on a second one, slamming it and knocking it down but not killing it.

Sultrani and Graywing pound another ogre while the Amazon charges another and joins the fray. They all mix it up with the three ogrish beings, coming out on top, especially after Klaus joins too.

The tree starts regenerating but the old man pulls and kills the tree. It splits and then falls. The world feels weird and starts fading out, showing “worn” spots that fades into nothing.

Sultrani attacks the old man with a tea cup, breaking his nose. Sultrani and he start fighting. Graywing dive bombs him. The Old man tosses her into the cart with his mental power and Graywing swoops on her and takes her up to a tree. Seeing it as useless, they flee, especially as the world shows more fraying.

The old man and the Amazon catch sight of a stream of golden butterflies. They follow them while Graywing, Sultrani, and Klaus flee back to the place they started. The golden butterflies lead to a massive vault of them and the two make it inside right as the fold crushes in around them. The other three flee back to their starting point, seeing the world split with golden light around the edges. They make it thorugh right as everything implodes behind them.

Session end.