Wednesday, August 4, 2010

8/4/2010 - From Ravenrook to Talismonde

Notes for this day are missing.  It will be filled in if they can be found.

After waiting through Triangularus and a few days after, the players are at a point to move on.

Kain the thief looted the shrine and found nothing. Greywing was told were remaining treasures were to be found by the crows spirits.

He passes the leaf of Glisir to Kain. He kept the sword and lamp.

Simek sailed the Yggdrasil's Child to see Malus, who is dead. The players explain the situation and then talk to them until they desire to be dropped off in the Quarries, near the Black Jade Mountains.

In short, from the shrine on the mountain we took ship on the Yggdrasil's Child, a ship with a main beam formed from a limb of the very tree.

It was a long trip.  Kain's weapons had been damaged at the shrine and he avails himself to the metal worker on board.  He's dwarven, of course, and beats on Kain's blades.  They are whole again but ugly as sin.

Many other events, mostly small happen.

They travel until the ship docks in Talismonde.