Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7/21/2010: A walk to Ravenrook

The last Greywing saw as they left the crazed world that opened atop the mountain was a the deep purple of the raven's wings. They stayed with him during a long dreaming period, repeating in his mind until he woke and stayed that way. The wind was gentle and welcome, a happy change from the times he remember, waking only when the pain of the gold erupting from his body tore him from the arcane sleep brought on by Kaurus, the Woten priest that saved him and the others.

The others had suffered as he did, but he was first to wake and stay so. He quickly found the others, all in good hands, except Klaus, whom Kaurus said had slipped away shortly after they arrived.

Kaurus spent some time with Greywing, speaking of how he was guided here by Woten to enlist his help. Two were called to assist, one a small plump hobbitt known as "Twinkie" or Twink for short and Hyrcul or Kain for short. Both were traded from Death by Woten; Twink after she died from tasting another's cooking in Hobbiton and Kain after he died in a brothel in Hyrkhallia.

Tsultrani spends some time alone when she is able, plumbing the depths of her mind for a connection to her patron. She spends some time doing so before coming to listen to Kaurus when he calls them all together. Kaurus speaks and asks them to travel to the Mickleback Mountains, to the spire of Ravenrook and find out what happened to brother Malus.

He, Kaurus, would go himself but he is already quested to liberate the Goinsolea, the Crystal Stands in the Myrmydios Mountains dedicated to Skirrin that has a Night Demon nest setting on it.

More details followed and after some discussion, they agree to assist Kaurus. They get directions and some funds. The group talks for a bit, speaking uneasily to their two new members for a little bit and agree to leave on the morrow.

[[GM note: When the players left the world of gold they found that the longer they stayed there the more gold built up in their system. When they returned, it was what made them sick, poisoning their system. It took days to bleed it out their pores, eyes, mouth, etc.]]

Between them all they realize they have slipped backwards in time and that Triangularus occurs within 2 months. While the discussion on how best to pass that horrible time consumes the rest, Tsultrani slips away to a stream to bathe (and scope out her gold).

In the morning Kaurus blesses them all with god speed and they depart. They take off down the mountain and run into some miners coming up the trail. Twinkie spends some time cheerfully talking to the miners that came up the trail. They loop back to get here and descend into the town.

There, in the town of the Quarries, Lord Edraisus is celebrating his recent marriage. He has been moving around the noble domain and celebrating in the seven "best" places of his noble lands. Most of the town is shut down to join in the festivities and people are everywhere.

Twinkie buys a ton of food for travel and they wander about town, enjoying themselves until they tired. They spend night next to the tree and dream dreams about the tree's past, where it was alive during the Dark Years and was an Egregore.

Twink specially prepares some "jerky" that over excites each player that eats it (jitters).

In the morning they depart, taking the kings road toward the High Line. The trek is fairly uneventful, though at one point they are harassed by Viruelandian soldiers (especially Kain). He maintains his cool and no trouble ensues.

They arrive late to cross over the High Line and camp at its base with the other merchants and travelers. The guards warn them of the Harpies that nest below and tell them all to keep a vigilant guard during the night. In seeking out a good fire, they meet Tandra, the mage, from Ghorfar, but currently adjunct professor in Talismonde at the College of Magik. He has a ton of questions about the different people and keeps them up for hours asking.

Shortly after camping, someone from a campfire close to the High Line gets carried off by a harpy. Greywing goes off to give death rites with Tsultrani. Tandras gets excited about going to rescue the taken man but is talked out of it by the others. Tandras creates a stinky pot of stuff to divine whether the man is dead by dawn or not.

Harpies come back on the last watch and swoop down and pick up Tandras. Two of them make off with Tandras but are killed in an aerial fight between Greywing, Tsultrani and Kain. Tsultrani jumps and is grabbed and thrown by Greywing onto one Harpy. The two end up tangled in trees and then on the ground where Tsultrani finishes it. The other cannot handle the weight and drops down close enough for Kain and Greywing to take care of it.

Aurok of the House of the Black Lion, leader of the High Line guards is impressed and commends the group for their actions with the harpies.

The group passes over the High Line and continues on to the town Firefly. They stay the night and then proceeded through the dark forest near Firefly until they made it to the base of RavenRook.