Wednesday, July 7, 2010

07/7/2010: On the Trail of a Riddle

The notes for these days are hopelessly lost.  However, I'll re-complete them as best as possible, though it will be poor.  Guys, if you remember more, please update this post or comment below.

The story unfolded in a town in southern Arduin known as the Quarries.  Sultrani breezed into town with Klaus von Klaus.  They quickly met up with an Amazon (name escapes me) and moved around town for a bit.  A festival was going on, which was distracting but they managed to meet up with their contact.  The Amazon and Klaus and Sultrani realized they had the same contact.  The infamous meeting at the sausage shop is where the the Urukk, who shall forever be known as Job!, entered the group.  The last player was more offish than the rest, and stayed to haunting the Black Jade Mountains.  The sausage shop and everyone subsequent meetings there (not much was open during the festival of twins) made for a riff of sausage jokes for rest of the game.

Anyway, some negotiations ended up with our Urukk joining in the group as a bodyguard.  Some finagling with a few less covert (i.e., underworld) connections lead to the discovery of an entire underground area beneath the town through the cellars of a warehouse.  It unfolded in game play among that characters that the group was on the trail of a riddle, one about gold hidden behind the bars of song and dream.  Also, that they were not the only game in town looking to discover this glittering goodness.

Something that became readily apparent as events went sour underground.  The Amazon's connection to another Amazon, this one a retired gladiator, led to an altercation.  Not with her, but with a rival group that wanted to shut her down as a source of information.   The players ran in the face of superior numbers but it meant leaving the gladiator contact behind and started a chase scene.

The chase lasted but it quickly became evident that they were not going to escape unless the group chasing them was slowed down.   The Urukk steadfastly turned back and met them,  As he steadfastly faced them, they slowed and then engaged.  The Urukk fell the first in one blow but it was his own end as well, since he slipped and gutted himself in the same blow.  His resolution was fear-inspiring though, as he spilled his entrails across path as he died, creating a slippery mess of blood and guts his opponents had to stomp through.

The rest ran, moving south out of the town towards the quarries and into the Black Jade Mountains.  Here they met Graywing, who helped them escape.  He spoke with spirits and had been communing with the dead.  The players put their notes together and puzzled out the song that was required to open the hidden nexus gate into the world of gold.

session end