Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fun Adventures in Avemba--Part 2 of our journey on 4/27/2012

As we enter Avemba, we put our genius plan into effect. Mwahahaha! Thordis the dwarf and his comrades managed to make it through the Beryl Boughs. We come bearing food to hear their tale, as the ship we're looking for is supposedly crashed in that area. After munching on some of my goodies, Kain tells them about his pretty little mithril flake turning into his heart (since he died from that wyvern) and Thordis asks who is meant for the flake. After hearing that it is meant for the House of the Wrung Serpent, we discover we are looking for the Lost Prince.

He graciously decides to help us.

Dead guy who possessed me--Revanai. He's a psychic. They were transporting a metal cylinder carrying someone.  Take the captain's books back to The Pearl in Kurahane.

At the Pearl, we meet a renaissance man named Skylar.

Immaterial is the name of the gnome who runs the Amberjack's company. I hate him.

... Monty Note.  This is a partially done rendition of the game.  Sadly we had to go on hiatus due to events in my life so this was not continued.  Hopefully you'll see a rendition in the future.