Saturday, November 24, 2012

Laurant's View

GM Note:  As far as Laurant is concerned, Dario's name is Kristoff.

I was lucky.  I think.

Leastways Kristoff came through for me in a fashion I didn't expect.  A fresh face on the scene, I wasn't sure how much credence to give his talk.  Not that we didn't go back some distance.  In fact, we were old buddies -- at least from a distance.

Seeing his face in the Shadow gave me a pause, though not for long.  When I had idly mentioned that I was looking for some muscle to help me make sure and auction went smooth, I didn't expect for him to show up with some serious help to make it happen.  That the help turned out to a Deodanth - Minotaur led combination threw me.  Not for long, of course.  I wasn't going to let anything toss me awhirl for long.

They stayed afterward.  Another surprise though a likeable one.  Having them around made for a good deterrence for a few of the local irritants.  Not that the Minotaur didn't eat anything that wasn't locked down.

I gave them a week, maybe two before Sciarra would be on their case.  He didn't care for much of anything -- but also didn't rouse often to do anything about it.  Sciarra would be more irritable about having to leave his house than anything else.

It happened about like I expected.  Which was why I had already laid my hands on some sides of beef.  When Kristoff came knocking, I was ready.  That he came when I had unwelcome company was unfortunate but his help would be appreciated with a task I had at hand.  Deliveries and moving goods are my lifeblood -- and I had something hot that needed to be shifted into my hands.

Kristoff jumped on it eagerly.  After a bit of rambling they were gone and the Sand was quiet with their absence.  Murtag stopped by the second they split.  Annoying garbage he might be, his connections made him untouchable. 

At least for now.

Their return with the cases released a knot of tension that I didn't know I had.  It was good to have life back in the Sand. 


Party Fame changes for Game Day 1:

  • Known +4 (now 4)
  • Esteemed +3 (now 3)