Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Twinkie's happy fun time journal, 5/23/2012

It is such a nice day with my friends. We are on our way to a ship called the Aurora to get some materials for the college of magic. Apparently the poor little ship was wrecked.

As I step out onto the deck to catch snowflakes on my tongue, I see two skyships in the distance. One appears to be attacked with ice, the other with fire, and they are battling each other over The Great Rift. The ship on fire explodes, and as pieces of those poor folks rain over us, I as captain decide it's better if we go around. I enjoy my captain's hat very much.

I was cooking some delicious brownies when we crash into a floating forest. As we attempt to get our ship unstuck, we notice that the trees have been chained to grow a certain way. The trees accumulate cloud moisture to disguise themselves, so it's no wonder we didn't see them. Sultrani sees a person in Cloud Skin sneaking away from us slowly, and I try to give him brownies. He doesn't stop, which makes me sad, and then some of us notice some major channeling going on. Apparently the island is a node of power, and the guardian is having a hissy fit. It begins snowing heavily, and for some reason my friends start to panic and insist that we hurry up and leave. I am upset, since I wanted to stay and explore, but I give in to them since they seem so frantic. I leave a plate of warm brownies on the ground for the strange man. At least I got some soil and some Cloud Skin. Sometimes I feel my friends are no fun.

That evening, we see some sky cows racing across the sky. RAWWWHIIIIDDEEE! I wish I had a cowboy hat instead of my captain's hat. Sultrani and Skahl go "hunting" and pick up one of the giant bovines, and I get to cut it up and take components. Hurrah!

We have stuffed ourselves on sky cow from last night, so I sleep very soundly. That is, until I hear Kain belting out a song about freedom from the deck of the ship. He sounds... good... and he's not singing about humping or drinking, which is weird.

Skahl says he's being touched by some sort of time paradox. It seems like it's from when he was swallowed by that giant stomach and the spirit of that beautiful singer shared his body and then joined Ariadne's ship. Sultrani's little wind friend (that she didn't tell us about because we're not good enough or something) twists around Kain and opens the song. We ride the notes of the lovely song to the paradox and appear in the giant floating stomach-thing with Kain. (Past Kain.)

We begin looking for the song, who is trying to free the spirit and change time (which just can't happen, because then we'd just be screwed and so would Kain.) We find a sky shark, a skeleton, and a gnoll looking through the piles of carcasses. They are very rude and insist on killing my poor Kainy-poo because they don't care about anyone or anything apart from that spirit. We end up bartering for the song, so we don't get her spirit in the ship, just the song. I'm sure this won't bite us in the ass later because I'm optimistic! The animated skeleton referred to himself as Kaniyeel. I wonder what he looks like when he's not a skeleton in a giant floating stomach.

We finally make it to the wreckage of the ship, and we see that spikes have been magically moved from the mountain to penetrate the ship, and that's why it's wrecked. It has been ransacked, and little muddy hobbitt-sized footprints are all over the deck. It's pretty sparse, but I manage to find a secret panel in the ship. Inside, there's an egg-sized gem that is frosted over it's so cold (there are fans blowing on it.)

We go through the underground boroughs and fly over the trip wires. Some poor hobbitt guard named Frost sees us and pees himself before a runeweaver hobbitt climbs up to us out of breath. He munches some of my brownies and we strike a deal: seeds for the College of Magic crates we're supposed to retrieve. (Apparently they need crops badly.) So I leave a plate of brownies for them and go to grab some seeds. The hobbitt is very private and doesn't drink--very, very odd.

We pick up the crates, and on the way back to the College of Magic we run into a meteor shower. We pick up some pieces of the asteroids, and I notice a weird feeling in my tummy. The green light shining from the rock is making me feel strange; the others are definitely looking sick. Ok, so I need to purify the rocks and get them well. Good thing I seem to be immune. Hooray!

As we travel, we look overhead and catch a lot of flying debris. Something is attacking a ship above us... and as a huge yellow feather drops onto the deck, we see that it was a roc. But I get a pretty yellow feather! Huzzah!

As evening falls, however, we see a giant prismatic bird... the one whose baby Kain killed. Granted, it killed him too. But still. Mama be angry, and she's coming for us. HOLY FLAMING SKY COW DUNG!

After panicking for a little bit, Sultrani uses her hero's blessing to land the ship into the water all submarine-style. We miss death by bird-dragon, and return the supplies to the College of Magic. Another job well done by Twinkie's Twerrific Troupe!