Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8/11/2010 - Talismonde and the Streets

A lot happens here but the notes are lost.

However, as a scattered series of events that occurred:

Graywing finds foes and friends here.  He loses a feather and it is used against him with the feathers as part of the fletching.  It nearly slays him.

Twink meets Kalabar and learns of their relationship.  He's an underworld and street figure of some reputation and heads the Great Hobbitt Network, or so he calls it.  She also attends a party at his underground club and he tries to marry her off to a good hobbitt boy that will take care of her.  She has know of that and splits.

She learns about his adventuring days and love of treasures finding.  Not in keeping, just finding, mind you.  He loves collecting maps, tales and different artifacts to remind him of those days.

Kain earns some more bumps and bruises here wrestling with hobbitt martial artists. He also get some serious fighting time in too but loses as often as he wins.  His bad luck still holds.

Twink is approached by a shade, that of a ghost relating to Elf Hill.  Some research is done into it, enough to find it was a mass burial site from back in the Nexus War days.  Everyone purposely distracts her away from pursuing it.

They see some of the landmarks and sights of the Grand City (Talismonde).

They get in a fight her, the one where they track down some thuggee/assassin types and where Graywing is nearly slain by an arrow fletched with feathers from his own body.