Saturday, January 17, 2015

A little behind

So, true to course I'm running behind posting the misadventures of my new group.  After ending my Arduin campaign, we decided to take the plunge and not only jump into my older world of Mearoc but play out an idea that shocked my brain a few weeks prior.

After a series of lightning exchanges between Josie and I, we drafted out a solid d100 system reminiscent of what we talked about in early 2003.  It took form rapidly enough and the Austin group had enough game to give it a try.  It has been a blast and worked more seamlessly than expected.

Mearoc has twelve moons and a long story line cum mystery that Josie has been involved with off and on for the better part of two decades.  It seemed just to name the system after the moons and in short a title of Destiny of the Twelve Moons was born.

Now, where the mechanics have blossomed, the players unfortunately did not.  After a short series of 6 games, all but 1 met their doom.  Some were done in by the eruptions of a earth ley line while others died when the Heyd Kray in their midst gave into her fury and melded with the majestic anger of a giant storm element spirit that was wracking the land above.

So, we convene again in another week and we'll see what the next game brings.  The sole survivor, driven deeper into paranoia that underpinned the character, has set his feet to travel again: never to take another as a friend lest he lose them as well.

That means all the players will be crafting new characters.  I'll post the backstory of the intrepid ones as soon as time allows.