Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rebooting my Arduin game

Moving to Texas took its toll on gaming and while I managed to keep some semblance of gaming going it was more of a here and there kind of play, mainly as a guest in others' groups.  Satisfying to a certain extent though by no means as fulfilling as running a game of my own.  A campaign game shall I say.  I've ran the new ABA ruleset over skype and in person a few times  but nothing more than one shots.  So it was with a happy feeling that I kicked off a campaign game last weekend.  It went well and I'll be sharing it and continuing games here.

I felt a bit sad at switching the name though.  The Cup, the Cupcake and the Wolf has graced the site for 3 years.  It was time though.  That group and those legends of heroes and heroines - their stories will live on, though I've need to finish publishing the tales.  It will take some time - we gamed for more than 3 years almost every week, sometimes twice so.

The new game began with Triangularus that fell upon the world in the Year of the Dragon, CY 487.  A fell time worsened from the previous 60 years past by the unexpected advent of a vast nexus storm that wreaked terrible destruction upon Arduin with its arrival.  Empowered by the Triangularus stellar event the storm lingers over Arduin with destructive consequences.

So that's my  teaser.  You'll get more in the first post.